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 We offer PCB layout services with the customer in mind. Services: from PCB design, concept through schematic capture to PCB layout. On completion of your board design we will provide a comprehensive package containing everything needed for the fabrication and populating of your printed circuit board.  We specialize in Designs done right the first time, on time, every time.


Helping customers turn Ideas into products!


About us and our Mission:

        To be an innovative leader in the design of Printed Circuit Boards by providing outstanding customer service, value-added solutions, and quality services.

        We understand the importance of customer service and attention to detail. We will bring that wealth of experience, commitment and integrity to your PCB design needs.

With over twenty years experience in the electronic industry, Trident-Enterprises is uniquely qualified to provide effective, assistance. Beginning with military and aerospace designs, and later commercial/industrial designs, and finally consumer designs. We have learned many lessons, We can provide our clients with fully dedicated PCB layout services, we choose to focus our efforts on what we do best.

 We offer: printed circuit board layout, Schematic capture, and a host of related peripheral services.  We will work with you to make your ideas as cost effective and performance driven as possible. See a Typical Workflow.

              Over the years we have worked in a variety of environments with many different technologies.  We have designed boards for small startup companies with a single engineer.  We have worked with large companies with teams of engineers working on a single project.  Our boards have ranged from one to twenty-two layers. They have included high-current, small parts (0201 surface mount parts), and multiple high pitch BGAs (800 pins). We are experienced with virtually all mainstream technology.

             Regardless of your company's size, Trident-Enterprises can make a difference.













Last updated: 12/16/2017