PC Board Layout - for estimate only

            And if available:


NOTE: The accuracy of our quote will be proportional to the amount of information you send us. In most cases we try to return a firm quote but it may be a range or "not to exceed", thru experience we have found that the better the customer's package the better their price, usually the best approach is to send everything you would send to actually have the work done.



            PC Board Layout - Quote for finished project


           Schematic Capture - for estimate only


           Schematic Capture - quote for finished project

        Provide us with a hand-drawn sketch, marked-up print or CAD file, and we will generate a schematic capture file for your project. We can also clean up any revised or marked-up existing schematics.

Your finished schematic file will contain definitions of all the parts, including:



We can design your board from a schematic on a napkin, however that is not the most efficient way.











Last updated: 06/10/2016