Frequently Asked Questions:

Q)    Can you copy "bread-boarded designs?

A)    Yes, but it will cost you more. It is more effective for us to work from a bill of materials and a schematic diagram.


Q)    Why should we outsource at all?  Why not hire our own PCB Designer? 

A)    Outsourcing offers tremendous flexibility, scalability, expertise, and cost management.  In other words, it will help your company stay "lean and mean".   The key is to find the right vendor that will partner with your efforts to success and not be a drag on them.


Q)    Can you make use of an Orcad netlist?

A)    Yes.


Q)    I only have hand written design information, can you use this and how do I send it?

A)    Yes, we can use this as long as it is clear and complete. Scan the data and e-mail it. We will submit a quote to you.


Q)    Can you layout multi-layer pcbs?

A)    Yes.


Q)    Can our engineers do their own PCB Design? 

A)    Yes.  The reason engineers usually do not do their own design is that it is faster to have a dedicated designer do it and a good designer can usually add some value to the design. PCB Design requires collecting, organizing, and manipulating lots of information from several sources. Although most engineers are capable of this, it would be such a draw on their time that it prevents them from continuing with the rest of their engineering duties. A similar idea might be engineers often times do not write their own software. Although they are capable, time requirements do not allow it.


Q)    Can you layout controlled impedance pcbs?

A)    Yes.


Q)    My design constraints are complex, are you interested in quoting?

A)    Yes, send us your design parameters.


Q)    What CAD layout software do you use?

A)    For  PCB layouts we use Altium Designer, or PADS. We offer new Schematics in Altium Designer, ORCAD, DxDesigner, however we can accept schematics in Powerlogic, Orcad, and Viewdraw formats. Mechanical design services are done in AutoCAD.


Q)    What are your prices? 

A)    Our price is usually based on an estimate of the time it takes to complete a project.   Normally a schematic, rough Bill of Material, board size, and description of critical nets and placement are enough to generate a quote.


Q)    Why should we choose Trident-Enterprises as our outsourcing partner for PCB Design? 

A)    There are several reasons.  Our thought is that we strike the right balance between dedication to your project, excellent customer service, hitting deadlines, keeping you in the loop, and cost.  We are the right size to be close to the customer and still be able to handle several large projects at once.


Q)    Can you provide me with the source files?

A)    Yes all design databases are customer property, we don't withhold these, upon completion of each project all is forwarded.


Q)    Can you modify designs previously laid out?

A)    Yes, modifications are subject to quotation. If we have designed the pcb, we will also be able to modify it.  We are usually able to modify other people's designs. Contact us with specific information.












Last updated: 06/10/2016